The artist

As long as I can remember I have something with colors. The more color, the happier. Everything I did as a child was explosive. It screamed and was present. I use a lot of black to separate the colors or even more of them. My work often has something technical and something with the beautiful lines that accentuate. Lines that create the shape of the design, the flow. Like the grain of a leaf. They carry the subject. That is how I started with graffiti as a teenager.

I got familiar with works by Roy Lichtenstein and M.C. Escher. This combination inspired me further towards the pop art of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Creativity falls silent. Great soulless, sharpening colored technical surfaces without essence.

A fierce period in my life opened up my creativity and inspiration again. I have a kind of love-hate relationship with women. I don’t know better than that my interest in women stems from wanting to understand why I could not deal with them and blamed them. All my life I have been angry with them and, with one exception, never did anything creative with it.

A woman at an airport forces me to heal mentally from our meeting. I start painting her. A portrait of her face. Since then I have painted a portrait of every woman at the airport with me. The beauty of the recording gives me the feeling of not being angry. These portraits have an identity and a strong story.

I am writing a blog about a book I am working on about the intense experiences with women. When one really wants to understand the work then the blog (and the book) is a must-read.

Chaos may have an unknown connection, but a known course. Chaos remains chaos for a reason. Then it can not be chaos anymore. Everything comes together in high stiletto heels. Everything between 10 and 12 cm. The beautiful line that emphasizes the beauty and grace of the woman, the powerful being that she is. In the same breath it also emphasizes suffering. The price for wearing them. That side is so much more essential. Suffering raises so many questions. No matter how beautiful women are, at the same time I enjoy the price of suffering.

Because I am writing the book and my work is inseparable from that episode of my life, I would like to share my work more. The collection of high heels 18/19 consists of 15 designs. Each design has its own identity and story.

If you have any questions, mail me or follow my blog.